Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Clicklist #10

It's time for the tenth installment of things I've enjoyed on the internet lately.

A bit of a long one, but this article about how Twitter helped one of the people at the forefront of the Westboro Baptist Church leave the church (cult?) is super interesting.

Brilliant, brilliant article by Helen Lewis about how certain parts of the internet are totally derailing the ability to debate anything.

I've been a little dubious  about healthy Nigella, but this muffin recipe sounds delicious.

Where are the characters of Gossip Girl now?

Iceland is definitely on my bucket list, and Tea's posts about her time there, starting here, have made me want to visit even more.

A little closer to home, Cat compared Ightham Mote to Manderley from Rebecca, which basically sold a visit to me.

Anna's fuss-free meal menu sounds seriously delicious, I'm here for anything involving tiramisu.

And now two heart-attack recipies; pepperoni chicken by The Pioneer Woman and a bacon & brie toastie that looks so darn good from Rose

Five of Amber's favourite places to see in Scotland, a country that I love every time I visit but definitely haven't explored enough.

Jen's picture guide to Lisbon yet another place that I want to visit.

10 Unexpected Things I Learnt from the Year I Spent "Not Having a Real Job"

21 Things We All Secretly Miss from Sixth Form

Geraldine tried every pumpkin-flavoured thing on sale in Trader Joe's.

I loved Lily's post on things that she's learned since living alone.  Even if it's made me miss my cat even more.

I'm not even sure why I haven't made Jack's two-ingredient coconut hot chocolate yet.

Meg wrote this really lovely post in the aftermath of the Paris attacks.

Liverpool is one of my favourite cities which I visited a lot when one of my friend's from school lived there. So I loved Rebecca's post featuring the bombed-out church (and I love her new style of posts in general) and Olivia's guide to places to visit (Leaf is ace).

Lauren at Buy Now, Blog Later is one of the people on the internet that I have followed for the longest time and I love her blog posts as they are just so honest. Especially love this comparison post about concealer.

Some lovely words of wisdom from Michelle.

19 Signs You're Completely & Utterly Addicted to Social Media

Also, I don't talk about work much on here for obvious reasons, but Birmingham was recently declared a City of Sanctuary for refugees which was a good day in the office.

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